NA House by Sou Fujimoto

Located on a quiet street in a residential neighbourhood

Located on a quiet street in a residential neighbourhood in Koenji, Tokyo.

Floating off the ground, great contrast to adjacent buildings.

Floating off the ground, great contrast to adjacent buildings.

It’s not often that you get to enter a private house in a foreign country without personal contacts. Most of the time I will have a list of buildings I would want to visit and then embark on the most enjoyable mission of finding them. I usually take a few snaps while on site but this is almost always just from the outside, even with public buildings many times photography is not allowed (exception – Shibaura House, awesome public space/studio). So when I visited NA House and was able to actually go inside and meet the owner (!) and a staff from Sou Fujimoto, this encounter has got to be one of the highlights of my whole trip. Special thanks to students and teachers from Singapore Polytechnic who were kind enough to let me join them on their exclusive tour of the house, I think the pictures speak for themselves so enjoy!

Lightness and transparency

Interior – lightness and transparency

NA House 13

Kitchen storage via ladder

NA House 7

Window detail/junction

NA House 10

Access to exterior roof space

NA House 8

Expansive views to outside

NA House 6

Natural light all around

NA House 4

Can’t escape from removing snow with a flat roof

NA House 11

Plants! Notice the different patterns of the blinds and pop of colour of potting and furniture

NA House 5

Love how you can dangle your legs over the edges

NA House 15

Entrance, love the vintage car!

NA House 12

Blinds not just on perimeter for privacy from street but also interior to create visual partitions

NA House 18

Piping and plants on outside

NA House 19

Modest in scale

NA House 17

White like snow

NA House 1

The project has been photographed and published widely, I have also posted about it before here. You can find quite a lot of information about it online including Fujimoto’s concept of  conceiving the house like a tree. I think the most interesting piece of information I learnt that day after talking to a staff member from Fujimoto was how there is no modular or calculated method in the platforms. Many iterations of models were made until Fujimoto felt the proportions were ‘just right’ and then the final design was set. It took about 3 years to design.

The other interesting fact is the naming of Fujimoto’s houses, where he names the houses according to the owner. Therefore NA House is named after the owner, Namba-san. She is lovely and generous as you can imagine, opening her house to strangers and answering any questions we may have. Thank you for the inspiration!

NA House 14

With the proud and friendly owner

It must have been quite a sight to see so many students in her house!

It must have been quite a sight to see so many students in her house!

12 responses to “NA House by Sou Fujimoto

  1. What an amazingly whimsical house – you’re incredibly lucky to have been able to get a personal look inside! Koenji is one of my favourite districts so I’ll have to seek this out next time I’m there.

    • Yes it is quite unique, such a big contrast a ‘normal’ house. It was great to be able to go inside though you can see a fair bit of the interior from the outside too! Koenji is great I hope I get another chance to visit one day!

  2. an awesome architecture is over there! Definitely you are so lucky to see in person, and thank you so much for cool photos and text. I hope to see there if i can get a chance one day

  3. Stumbled upon your weblog. Amazing post. Was wondering if you’d recall the address of this building in Koenji? Was planning to visit it sometime this weekend. Thanks!

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