Christchurch Arts Centre

SITE: 57 Worcester St, Christchurch

PROGRAM: 500 seat theatre, 100 seat practice theatre, gallery, bar, museum, library, bookstore, cafe, workshop, bike storage, loading bay, administration

INSTRUCTORS: Kate Rogan and Eva Sedegin

COURSE: Design 6 / Semester 2 2011 University of Auckland

Following the destructive earthquake that hit Christchurch, the design of this new Arts Centre acts as a cultural hub to draw people back into the city. Main structural walls face the square it looks out to creating a strong focus on this important social space. These radiating fins define the main spaces inside the building. The placement of the fins on site create several entrances on the ground floor making the building easily accessible from the square as well as the Chancery Ln to the side. The idea of opening up the building to the square is continued visually as well with extensive glazing on the southern side. The workshop located on the ground floor is fully exposed by the glass facade, giving the public a glimpse into the behind the scenes activity inside the theatres. The programme is broken up into three volumes; with the more public areas (gallery, museum, theatres) grouped together and serviced by a grand stair core.

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