Woven Velocities Bridge

SITE: China Basin, San Francisco

INSTRUCTORS: Andrew Kudless (matsysdesign.com), Ronnie Parsons and Gil Akos (studiomode.nu)

TEAM: Marie Boltenstern, Cory Walker, Erin Colshan and Yao Nancy Ji

COURSE: AA  / CCA Visiting School Biodynamic Structures Workshop

Situated in China Basin Waterfront, San Francisco, Woven Velocities spans 600 feet over the mouth of Mission Creek. Once an active industrial waterfront, China Basin has recently undergone plans for redevelopment along the waterfront which houses the iconic AT&T Ball Park. The design aims to capture the pulse of the city at different speeds of movement by accentuating the speed of locals traveling in the area: walking, jogging, scooters, roller blades, bikes, kayaks, ferries or home run baseball boats. Within the form, all modes and velocities of speed are accommodated for creating a network of crisscrossing paths. The intertwining network of paths begins with simple nodal connections. Through a series of path optimization analysis the intersections begin to bundle, thread and bifurcate. These relationships yield opportunities for the various program: seats for rest , bicycle routes, high vantage points for sightseeing, stadium style seating for extended ball park viewing, ferry docks and interaction with the creek, all within the woven threads.

Photos from the workshop can be found on my Flickr site here.


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