Food Art! #creativemarch

I recently came across the incredible works of Artist/Architect Red Hong Yi who ‘paints’ without using a paintbrush. Red is also an architect who graduated from Melbourne University. Ever since I discovered her work I have been following her on instagram, constantly inspired by her creativity. And so when she asked people to join her in the #creativemarch project where she creates pieces of art from food by using a plate as canvas, I joined and came up with some ‘art’ myself. It was great fun coming up with new ideas, sometimes getting stuck or having plans backfire (which sometimes lead to better ideas later on!)

Another point to note is the power of social media such as instagram and twitter which allows people to showcase their work to literally the whole world. ‘Art’ today is definitely not confined to a gallery anymore but something so instant, fluid and accessible. I got to ‘meet’ and see other people who joined in the project, all through instagram, including rinnydindin and  lovelimzy. I hope you enjoy these little plates of art and wish you all a great week!

apple air balloonUp up and away!  Apples and yoghurt for an afternoon snack.

yoshimoto pizza“Never forget your beginner’s spirit!”  This was made before I proceeded to make pizza for dinner, inspired by Japanese artist Yoshimoto Nara. Made from tomato paste, red capsicum, garlic, broccoli and orange peel on a wrap.

Banksy Bomb ThrowerThrow flowers not bombs. Banksy on a plate. Made from Korean seaweed and Japanese lollies.

Soysource PandaLook after our planet. My take on the WWF logo, made from soy sauce.

pacmanEat healthy with Pacman. Cut out from all sorts of fruit and veges: apple, carrot, cucumber, capsicum/bell pepper, orange, radish, kiwi, eggplant!

cherry tomato lilyCherry Tomato Lily pads. Monet paintings of his water lilies have been a personal favourite for a long time, here is an edible edition.

bread bunnyBread Bunny. Happy Easter 2013 from the Easter bunny made of bread, strawberry jam and nutella.

banksy chocolate sauceParting is such sweet sorrow. Another Banksy inspired piece, sometimes you just got to let go and eat some strawberries with chocolate dip.

ProcessA photo to show my work in progress, using simple tools around the house such as this wooden skewer. I love this idea of using unusual and often ordinary mediums for art, art is for everybody and anyone can be creative! Duchamp styles.


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