As the summer holidays come to a close it is time to get into the zone of university life once again. And there is no place better to have spent it other than the city that I grew up in. Even though it’s the most populated city in New Zealand, it really doesn’t feel like one at times. Just a short 20 minutes drive from the centre you could be staring at the ocean and sand. What a great feeling!

It reminded me of a quote by the great Danish Architect Jorn Utzon, I have this quote stuck on my wall on a post-it note:

“Making architecture demands a good understanding of life…an understanding of walking. standing, sitting and lying comfortably, of enjoying the sun, the shade, the water on our bodies, the earth and all the less easily defined sensations.”

One can not help but think to his most well-known work –  the Sydney Opera House, whose roof structure resembles the shape of sea shells. After interning in Tokyo for 3/4 of my summer vacation I experienced what it was like in an intense working environment, but at the same time let’s not forget to take some time off to enjoy the important things in life.

Below are some photos taken at Cornwallis Beach and Mill Bay where we spent a day walking, swimming, sitting, lying..

tree 2



crab 2

hermit crab





3 responses to “Summer

  1. Hi! I am an interior design/architecture student new to blogging! I hope you don’t mind that I’ve re-posted (only meant to post one of them as inspiration for architecture)! Your photos are lovely!

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