Old Journal

Found my old journal from second year of architecture school, where I studied at the University of California, Berkeley. A highlight for me was the lecture series held on wednesdays in Room 112  (good old Wurster!). There were also public lectures held at CCA, in San Francisco including one time where my studio professor drove us to see Caroline Bos. Good times!

The first exercise part of the 100A Fundamentals of Architecture course was to create a collage for the double negative project. I took photos of the corridors and stairs of Wurster (the architecture building at Cal) and photoshopped several images to look like one continuous space. The idea then was to translate this into 3D form  – somehow. Here is me trying to make sense of my collage by ‘abstracting’ it into solid and void spaces.

100A notebook014

Another page further on working on the Potero Library project – which is similar to the above, taking a conceptual mapping image of intersecting lines and translating that into a 3D volume where the lines become cuts into the ‘building’.

100A project026

There were some amazing people who came to speak at the lecture series. I loved going to these and just sitting there often not really knowing them beforehand but utterly impressed by their ideas and works afterwards. One such person was Sharon Johnston from the LA based firm Johnston Marklee. Every one of their projects is unique and formally very eye catching.


Sarah Whiting is a teacher, writer and designer and also dean of Rice School of Architecture.sarahwhiting023

Charles Renfro from Diller Scofidio + Renfro. The Alice Tully Hall was and still is one of my favourite projects in New York, great way to treat the corner of an intersection of a busy road. Funny thing was it was suppose to be Elizabeth Diller giving the talk, but she couldn’t make it so they sent Renfro instead, he explicitly told us that and joked that as a result he actually doesn’t know what he’s talking about in half the projects.

Charles Renfro signed my journal after the lecture! (bottom left, on top of my drawing…)

Caroline Bos of UN Studio, I heard her again at Melbourne University last year. One of the most productive firms out there right now who builds all over the world. Caroline didn’t actually study architecture but she knows what she’s talking about relating architecture to the broader realms such as engineering and urbanism.

caroline bos028 caroline bos027

She was also very nice when I talked to her, and said she loved New Zealand!

caroline bos029Some other pages including a sketch of another favourite project of mine in Spain – the Caixa Forum!

caixa forum sketch

Sometimes I doodle too 🙂
camera doodle


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