Read this in Urbis today:

U: You’re well known for working with some of New Zealand’s top architects. Do you look at a space differently to architects?

PV: What I do find sometimes is that an architect comes in all excited at the beginning and then comes the chore of putting it all together. I often say to clients it’s a pity that architects don’t show all of their rubbish bin rather than just the completed drawings because it looks ever so simple and it isn’t. I sometimes find this the stage that I’m brought in to go through the plans again with the architect and the client, they’re revisiting their early thoughts which I find exciting and in a way I think it’s good for them. They’re going back, they’ve done all the hard work, they’re going back to the real beginning of what made this design.

Penny is an interior designer based in Auckland. I really agree, the amount of work designers, especially architects, actually do is not visually evident in the final outcome. I always wonder why architecture students always rush for their final presentations, surely it doesn’t take a whole semester just to produce a few A0s? Actually yes, all the thinking and iterations that have come before were necessary. Even if it seems the final project revisits that initial idea..

Soon to come: PROCESS VS PRODUCT – architecture as an experimental art, my own manifesto!


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