“My first piece of advice, if you intend to set up an architectural practice, is to see the world first, train in the practices that appeal to you and do the work you want to do. Do not become stuck in an awful practice drawing door details.” – John McAslan, in the foreword of “An architect’s guide to running a practice.”

Totally agree with this one. Though I think I can tough it out for a year drawing details just so I know how to draw them. I believe work in practice should be enjoyable and that is possible if we work for practices we are inspired by. Having said that the office environment is also important as well as the people who work there. 

A more interesting piece of advice on the following pages: 

“Foxell recommends working for lawyers, who are generally good clients, not only because they have money to spend but because they understand, without question, the nature of paying fees.” 

Architecture students should visit the law building and befriend some law students perhaps? Good break from studio!



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