Sydney Biennale 2012

Here are a selection of pictures taken one sunny morning of the 18th Biennale of Sydney at Cockatoo Island earlier this year. Artworks and installations of all sorts scattered around the Island which was a short ferry ride away from Circular Quay. The theme this year was all our relations which has its roots in storytelling. Through the medium of art both teller and listener inhabit the space of the story. Similarly to architecture, the act of telling stories and developing a narrative connects people  from all backgrounds.

Erin Manning: Stitching Time – A Collective Fashioning, 2012

Cecilia Vicuña: QUIPU AUSTRAL, 2012
Colourful textiles hang from the ceiling swaying gently in the breeze.

Monika Grzymala and Euraba Artists and Papermakers.
The artist uses handmade Washi paper, adhesive tapes, lead wire, confetti and leaves amongst other found objects. The light from the windows filters nicely onto the pieces of paper.

Philip Beesley: Hylozoic Series: Sibyl, 2012

Beesley’s ‘Hylozoic Series’ comprises of lightweight, digitally fabricated textile structures and interactive technology (touch sensors, LEDs, shape-memory alloy). They move as you walk past them and engages with the senses including touch and smell.

All photos by Nancy Ji 2012.


2 responses to “Sydney Biennale 2012

  1. The pictures are absolutely stunning! I think in recent years increasingly we are seeing more interactive art. Just the other day I read an article about how an art installation was constructed to mimic rainfall but combined with a sensory system that ensured that the raindrops would never fall on anyone. I also remember being inside a dark room in an art gallery that created some kind of surreal visual feedback using multiple cameras. I can’t wait to talk to you soon and discuss this in person!

    • Yes I know right how amazing art can be, and like you said more recently how art and technology combine to produce these interactive pieces, way cool. we need to travel and go gallery visiting!

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