What happened to the architecture Manifesto?

Really interesting lecture at GSAPP on ‘What happened to the Architecture Manifesto?’ including speakers Craig BuckleyBeatriz ColominaPeter EisenmanCarlos LabartaJeffrey SchnappFelicity Scott,Bernard TschumiAnthony VidlerEnrique Walker, and Mark Wigley.

As for Eisenman he does not see any manifestos emerging anytime soon. The reasons are related to what he thinks students want, “What do they (architecture students) want? They want jobs. They want to get into the system like everybody else. What do they want to learn? They want to learn revit. You know, I say to myself, why should we teach revit in the school of architecture?  Certainly revit is not going to promote an architecture manifesto in any shape or form.”

The energy and radical thinking in the 1960s that spurred the like of Venturi seem to be lacking in today’s times. Are we just less passionate or only concerned with securing a job? Are architecture students happy with the current education, and if not why are we not doing anything about it?


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