“Change as time does. Do as time demands.”
– Confucius

Quote from Qingyun Ma’s Dean’s message,
Dean of the School of Architecture at USC

Some thoughts came to my mind after attending 5th year thesis reviews at the University of Auckland. Architecture is constantly moving forward, even more so with the aid of technology. This rapid development forces us to take on board what the current age offers…in other words time to learn how to utilize the various computer software out there but also keep in mind the goal you are trying to achieve whether it’s to test the boundaries of this discipline with speculative designs or more grounded ‘architecture’ you intend to be built to better people’s lives. These are two very different intentions producing very different outcomes. But I do believe it is possible for them to benefit each other. Wouldn’t it be most profitable if that brilliant render could turn into an actual inhabitable and useful space and not just a pretty picture on a wall? But having said that, it is only when we question and produce such thought provoking images does real innovative architectural tectonics emerge.

The work from the 5th years was amazing and as always diverse and varied. This is a university where you have the freedom to pursue what you are interested in, with also the freedom of working however hard you desire to and in whatever way you think best suits you. This is what I appreciate, that it is perfectly fine for you to hand draw a whole presentation but you can also do everything digitally. In Berkeley there was a strict expectation for everyone to apply the digital skills you  learn in class in your design, resulting in no hand drawing whatsoever. But this was an undergrad core studio in which I am thankful to have taken to give me a firm grounding in the basics of digital modeling. So as Confucius says, change as time does, do as time demands.

Here are few shots from the exhibition:

They illustrate my above point pretty well: one speculative and one stressing sustainable strategies.



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