I haven’t written any poems in ages. What better way to start up again on a Saturday morning. Thanks  to Joyce for donation of a copy of The Daily Californian and Mr Tristan Tzara for the inspiration.

Here goes:

Different the increases to displays note better have planning Californian newspaper

Editor’s and from input newspaper.


with editors noticed redesigned and day.

aesthetic Daily the our content newspaper have months look who,

You its designing staff,

hope the might various the past by this new appeal and our we is design a have look result

We former to members to all our of of that of of.


Love the last bit! Of of that of of. Ha. So I guess I should share with you how I got this, then you too, can have the perfect poem that resembles you..

As written by Mr Tristan Tzara in Literature, July 1920. In true Dada style:

Take a newspaper.

Take some scissors.

Choose an article of the length you wish your poem to have.

Cut out the article.

Then cut out carefully each of the words in the articles and put them in a bag.

Shake gently.

Then pull out each cutting one after the other.

Copy them own conscientiously in the order in which they left the bag.

The poem will resemble you.

And you will be a writer of infinite originality and of charming sensitivity, although in comprehensible to the masses.

Happy cutting!




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