While everyone else sleeps…

While reading up about grad schools, came across the Dean’s statement of Columbia, our very own Mark Wigley:

“As in any other architecture school, the real work is done in the middle of the night. Avery Hall, the school’s neo-classical home since 1912–with its starkly defined symmetrical proportions communicating to the world the old belief that the secret of architectural quality is known, universal, and endlessly repeatable–now acts as the late night incubator of a diversity of possible futures. At its base is Avery Library, the most celebrated architectural collection in the world, a remarkable container of everything architects have been thinking about in the past, neatly gathered within the traditional quiet space of a well organized archive. Up above are the dense and chaotic studio spaces bristling with electronics and new ideas. Somewhere between the carefully catalogued past and the buzz of the as yet unclassifiable future, the discipline evolves while everyone else sleeps. Having been continuously radiated by an overwhelming array of classes and waves of visiting speakers, symposia, workshops, exhibitions, and debates, the students artfully rework the expectations of their discipline.”

We architecture students work while everyone else sleeps. How true can that get. Just had mid review yesterday. It wasn’t as bad as final review for last semester but close to it. I started really getting into production mode on Thursday. That is literally sitting in front of the computer every second I can spare. Apart from eat and sleep and commuting back home for showers…it is a stressful process but what can I say. I love the end result. The feeling of accomplishment of creating something unique to you.
Anyway, I really admire Wigley, he has come a long way from Auckland University, to become dean at one of the top architecture schools in the US. I love New Zealand but there seems to be so much more to explore out here in the world. And I know I have a home there I can always go back to. So for now…it’s time to see what the rest of the world is up to.


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