I’ve always knew that no two snowflakes are the was something I heard about when I was a child. At this very point in time I am reading Pamphlet Architecture 27:Tooling by Aranda Lasch – and I was so excited after reading just the first page I decided it was worth a post. Never realised how beautiful these little things are! The amazing variety and design of shapes that appear as a result of crystallization is pretty awesome..God really does exist. But what also impressed me was the project undertaken by a farmer from Vermont, Wilson Bentley, who spent a life time documenting and photographing snowflakes. He collected over 5000 of them. Here is a picture I found at a cool blog:

Okay but the really impressive thing is..and I’ll know more after reading, how these snowflakes all adhere to the rule of six. They are all different but every one is six-sided and symmetrical. This can be related to architecture (anything seems to be able to relate to architecture..)

“If architecture is an extended process of formation, then before ideas coalesce into a definitive form there must exist some undifferentiated state free of any organization. The moment any sort of development is imposed onto this formless matter it begins to enter the realm of substance, organization, and material…Like Bentley’s snowflakes, the source of wonder behind one crystal is not the storm it came from but rather the elusive internal logic that remains resolute and unmoving through all crystals.”


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