Just a quick post after reading an interview published in ‘UN Studio’ by Falk Jaeger.

I’ve recently got to know the works of UN studio. The Amsterdam office comprises of Caroline Bos and Ben Van Berkel. I first came across UN studio after looking at their Mobius house for Design 3, and then earlier this week Caroline Bos gave a talk at CCA in San Francisco. Their work doesn’t have one particular style and their interdisciplinary approach has resulted in unique projects which do not belong to any one body of work.

More about them later but for now, one quote from the interview:

When asked:
“So the constant factor in your work is not formal but rather a way of thinking”

Van Berkel says:
“And experimenting. The most important aspect is the idea – but then you have to use it like an instrument. If you don’t know how to use an instrument, if you don’t practise it every day for five hours, then you will not become a good architect.”

So. 5 hours aye. Doesn’t sound too bad..time to start practising 😛


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