Momoyo Kaijima + Atelier Bow-Wow

Firstly – what a cool name! Atelier Bow-Wow. Momoyo Kaijima, who founded Tokyo based firm with partner Yoshiharu Tsukamoto, visited our school and gave a talk as part of the fast forward lecture series on 4th August. She is also the architect in residence at the University of Auckland for 2010. I’ve only heard of their name and looked at some of their drawings before she visited – which I love, they are really detailed but also fun, and they draw people in plans! Makes it really ‘real’ looking.

In the talk Kaijima explained their design philosophy and also introduced a range of their works. One interesting concept was ‘behaviorology’, in which she says encompasses 3 aspects, and how they should all be considered when approaching a design:

1) Behavior of light, wind, heat, humidity

2)Behavior of people

3)Behavior of buildings in the city

All of their works are also really interesting and fun – I especially liked the ‘Pony Garden’ and ahhhh their ‘Dog chairs’ – so kawaiiiii. Took a few photos during lecture and also asked for a photo with Kaijima. She’s so nice!

“Tall buildings are built along a big road like a wall, and small wooden houses in the rear. It may be said that this relation is like cream-filled pastry.”

Realy like this house – esp how the levels are arranged

Design of ‘Four Boxes Gallery’

Kaijima signing my book!


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