Rach No.2

Rachmaninov Piano Concerto No.2. I know many people say this piece is one of their favourites, and I know why. Since it’s holidays I’ve started watching Nodame Cantabile again (anime this time, not drama) and just finished the episode where Chiaki played Rach 2 with the orchestra. I love this piece! Even just the first movement has such a variety of moods – there is no boring moment or anything. The whole thing is pretty short really, but captivating the entire way. Impressive..I wonder if I’ll ever get sick of it. Like you don’t listen to it for a while, then come back to it, and you never get tired of it. Maybe it’s the beautiful melodies in it, so simple yet so effective – it’s not hard to appreciate something so pleasing to the ear – compared to say some 20th atonal stuff which many people find hard to accept.

But anyway. This piece is extra special to me  as AYO played it last year when I was a 2nd violinist. Good times, so good. The violin part is so nice as well, straight from the first bar with the  on the G string which introduces the main theme. Almost haunting..You appreciate the music so much more as you know it a lot better after rehearsing it. You get to hear all the different parts come together and the result after months of hard work, and to know that your part of it is simply amazing.

So I guess the point of this post (I just had to write something here after listening to Rach..epiphany maybe) is to remind myself that there is really something in music. And I’m interested in that ‘something’. I think that ‘something’ exists in architecture too. As it does in life. Sometimes you suddenly realise that something exists, though you may not always know what it is. But it’s there..and it makes me happy. I really believe there are links between everything. Art, Music, Architecture. I’m not the first to say this and everyone agrees they’re all creative disciplines, but there’s something there definitely. Potentially a master thesis subject heh.


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